How Do You Make It Last Longer?

Questions You Should Ask After HVAC Installation Service

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system has just been successfully installed, and that means no more extremely cold winters or humid summer, but that’s only in the case of your unit surviving its full lifetime. There are a lot of factors that you actually need to think about once you’ve had HVAC installation service finish their appointment. Here are a few questions you might want to ask your contractor before they’re done packing up:

How Often Should You Have Your HVAC Cleaned After Installation Completes?

If your HVAC isn’t showing subtle symptoms of poor airflow, then you just need to have it inspected once a year. Some HVAC systems even allow for up to five years before they need checking. By getting a professional to check on your unit regularly, you are minimizing any damage or repairs that need to be worked on, as they could worsen and get the other components affected and broken too.

How Do I Save Energy?

Should you turn off the unit when nobody’s home? You can actually be more efficient if you let it stay on when everyone has left the house. That’s because it’ll take more time to condition and start up your heating and cooling if you turned it off for hours. You should just adjust the temperature by three to five degrees higher or lower than usual and you’re good to go. Once you return from work or school, you’d just need to readjust the power.

What Should I Do if My Bill Is Increasing Every Month?

Your unit could be damaged or clogged and needs repairs if it’s not as cool or as warm in your home compared to when it was first installed. You should be careful when there’s a funky smell like wet socks or rotten eggs. This means you need to have it checked as soon as possible as it could be mold growth or a gas leak that is putting you at risk for bad health conditions or worse.

Asking the right questions means you’re likely to use your unit until its entire lifespan, maybe even extending it with proper maintenance. If you do need to get an expert in Elk Grove, CA, Best Mechanical in Elk Grove can help with any questions on HVAC installation service. Call (916) 237-7605 for professional assistance!

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