How to Care for Your HVAC System

Maintenance Tips from an HVAC Contractor

Most people ask us at Best Mechanical in Elk Grove how they can maintain with HVAC system to prolong longevity? Which is why we have written this short blog for people that live outside of the Elk Grove, CA area. When an HVAC system is not regularly maintained by a professional HVAC contractor, it will end up suffering from major issues. However, when you adhere to a schedule to prevent any damage to your system, you will get to use it for longer.

Optimizing your HVAC
Maintaining your HVAC system will allow you to start the wintertime knowing that you have a reliable and effective system to ensure both your and your family’s comfort.

Enhanced efficiency
The efficiency loss that is being experienced by a normal system can be at least 5% percent each year, however, maintaining it can prevent this type of loss.

Identifying faulty components
Mechanical systems will eventually experience wear and tear, and regularly maintaining your system provides room for repair or change with regards to worn out or damaged fixtures as and when needed.

Preventing system failure
Regular preventive care will reduce how vulnerable a system can be by around 95%. However, it is not possible to perform every kind of HVAC maintenance, however, it is possible to do preventive maintenance that will save you money spent by not being hit with unexpected heating and cooling emergency repairs.

Staying Safe
Heating systems which use combustion fuel can result in safety risks with regards to carbon monoxide leakages. However, when yearly inspections are performed, it will put you and your family in safe hands.

Longevity of the equipment
You should expect to get around 14 years of service from a heat pump and approximately 20 years from a furnace. And maintaining this equipment regularly will greatly reduce the chances of equipment failure, in addition to expensive upgrades.

We hope you now understand how important it is to use a professional HVAC contractor for your system. To book an appointment with us please call today at (916) 237-7605.

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