How to Prevent HVAC Repair

Is an HVAC Tune-Up Worth It?  

HVAC tune-up is worth every cent, just like your car, an HVAC system is a complex piece of machinery that will often get a lot of “mileage.” It is packed full of critical and moving components, that will experience wear and tear given time. And, just like your car, your HVAC system will not operate at its best when it’s neglected and worn down, which can result in costly HVAC repair.

If you are asking if HVAC tune-up is worth it, then you need to consider these benefits:

  • When you perform an HVAC tune-up, wear and tear issues will be remedied. Your technician will also review your system to look for any other potential issues that have the potential to result in breakdowns. These problems will be fixed early so a breakdown doesn’t occur.

  • Breakdowns will leave you without the heating or cooling needed.

  • HVAC tune-ups provide better performance and lower energy consumption. This direct result makes for better comfort and reduced energy bills. The difference in your energy bills will pay for the cost of your tune-up and so much more.

  • A well-maintained HVAC system has a longer lifespan. It is no secret that a new HVAC system is very expensive, so neglecting your current one will result in a shorter system life, this, in turn, can end up costing you hundreds or even thousands in premature replacement costs.

HVAC Tune-Up costs

HVAC tune-up costs do vary from one contractor to the other. However, on average, this twice-per-year service will cost from $100 to $200. Luckily, most contractors will offer options to consumers looking for savings.

In addition to possible reduced rates, many HVAC contractors provide something called a preventative maintenance agreement, or PMA for short. They could refer to it as a “Service Plan” or “Comfort Care Club,” but no matter what the name is, these plans are designed to help you care for your HVAC equipment.

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