HVAC Service Becomes Easier If the Right Tools Are Used

The Common Tools Used by an HVAC Contractor  

The importance of HVAC units cannot be underemphasized in any home or office. Unfortunately, these units suffer from issues, and they need to be repaired immediately. The only person who can fix an HVAC unit is a professional HVAC service contractor or technician. But they can’t fix or do the installation they don’t have the right tools. Here are the common tools used by an HVAC contractor:

Hammers and Screwdrivers

An HVAC technician cannot work on the most basic installations or repairs if they don’t have a hammer and screwdriver. These essential tools are not only used in different types of HVAC service but in other types of construction work as well. Since all HVAC units are composed of different nuts and bolts, using a screwdriver is essential. Hammers meanwhile are very helpful when the HVAC unit is installed on a wall or hard surface.

Pipe Wrenches and Pliers

If you thought pipe wrenches and pliers are mostly used in plumbing work, think again. These tools are used by HVAC technicians as well. Most of the time, technicians use a variety of pliers, such as channel-lock, needle-nose, wire strippers, open-face and linesman pliers, just to name a few. When it comes to HVAC work, pliers are mainly used to cut electrical wires while pipe wrenches are used to repair plumbing connections connected to the HVAC unit.

Multimeters and Thermometers

HVAC contractors always use specialty tools when doing any type of HVAC work. A multimeter measures current and voltage while a thermometer meanwhile identifies sudden temperature changes which may cause long-term damage to the unit.

Refrigerant Scales

A refrigerant scale is another specialty HVAC tool used by HVAC contractors. This tool is mainly used to measure refrigerants that will be added or removed from the unit’s compressor. Additionally, a refrigerant scale is also used to check possible leaks.

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